Ruined castle dating from 1215

A holiday in England is for the global traveller looking to experience the buzz of city life that’s balanced by the British culture and traditions.

Read on to know more about what a holiday in Slovakia or England has to offer.

In the Middle Ages it was an important station along the Route of St.

James to the place of pilgrimage Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the burying place of the apostle James.

Like they say ‘explore the unexplored’ and you’ll be in for a real treat! Home to the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, it also revels in its quintessential English countryside comprising quaint villages and historical sights, which add to its character.

Relatively unexplored, the country has a rich heritage to tell of.

Protected by its better known neighbors including Austria and Hungary, Slovakia is a tourist delight.

A second castle was built in the bailey a few years later with an unusual five sided keep and it is this structure which is now in ruins.

The interconfessional church, built in 1131, is only slightly younger than the Speyer Cathedral.


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