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We don’t learn much about why the Turkish population suddenly turns on Mikael’s kind; all we hear are hissable jerks calling Armenians “a tumor in our midst.” Mikael will have to run to survive this inexplicably vague but very real menace, experiencing unimaginable loss along the way, all while Isaac wrestles with clunky and wincingly expository dialogue.(Then again, you try to say, "I will make you proud, papa," without laughing.) Unimaginable horrors apparently weren’t enough for the makers of “The Promise”; they also felt compelled to throw in a love triangle, as though Michael Bay’s “Pearl Harbor” was a movie worth ripping off.Guatemalan-American actor and musician Oscar Isaac is Jewish born with American nationality.At the very early age, Isaac discovered his interest in music and acting.By the age of twelve, Isaac learned to play guitar.

By the coda, in which Isaac makes a fiery wedding toast while pounding the table a la Steven Seagal at the end of “On Deadly Ground,” it’s hard not to chuckle at a movie that’s trying, poorly, to do the Lord’s work.Related: Will Oscar Isaac change the fate of Hamlet, too?Isaac has been notoriously private about his dating life, but one time, he brought Lind, a documentary filmmaker, to the Golden Globes. He grew up in Miami, Florida as a naughty kid who loved creating trouble at the private grade school.He was also expelled from his school for this behavior of him.Lainey Gossipnoticedthat a photo agency captioned Lind as pregnant, and she certainly looks the part.


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