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Data Validation in Excel lets you control the data that can be entered in a cell.You can restrict the user to enter only a specified range of numbers or text or date.Data validation is important, because it ensures the usefulness of your data.

There could be multiple formats to enter the date (such as 01/01/2014, or 01 Jan, 2014, or 1st Jan 2014).While the earlier section was about restricting the user to a specified range while entering data, this section is about warning the user if any out-of-range data is entered. This can be enabled by changing the error message settings.You can customize the error message by going to the Error Alert tab in the Data Validation dialogue box.Unfortunately, many times data validation is handled in a reactive, haphazard way that is not coordinated with other parts of the system or the organization, diminishing its effectiveness.This article will show you that data validation is a component part of a comprehensive data governance program, making both the individual validation processes and the overall data governance program stronger.Data validation rules can be defined and designed using any of various methodologies, and be deployed in any of various contexts.


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