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I Just think it sucks that guys have it harder then girls. its ignorant to judge someone for not liking someone based on appearance. If you are not physically attracted to someone, it wont work no matter how mentally/emotionally in love you are. however, physical aspects are not the full 100% appearance of someone. Its either where your looking or your not looking or you dont have the balls to pursue. One of the biggest handicapps that men with AS have is they are oblivious to a woman's flirting.Expecially good looking girls they have life so much easier. Their there, its up to Remember that all this is true of everyone, not just aspergites. Like fishing, it's mostly patience from that point on. So start by paying attention ,watch for the subtle things;eye contact,if she ''accidentally ''touches you .I mean this message just says it all really: Would’ve been great to see him actually go on a date and attempt to keep up a fake girl’s voice.Then again, some blokes probably wouldn’t even complain.Since we dont really know many people and thats how you meet girls alot of the time through other people. Having a girlfriend filled that gap that we tend to have which is loneliness. Okay, so I have HIGH standards, though, if somebody showed any interest I bet my standards would break pretty quickly...

This has effectively divided the male population into two camps: those who have weathered the economic storm and are thriving in their jobs as software programmers, consultants or whatever, and those who have moved back in with their parents and lackadaisically look for jobs while they continue to cash in their monthly unemployment benefits.So casual sex is a choice, not something that is worked for.Woman: "I feel like sex tonight", and she will get it. Additionally, Any woman can get her fantasy met at a request.I Just think it sucks that guys have it harder then girls. About the "girls have guys flocking to them", I stand to prove that is not true. I am going through this point in my life where I am getting upset because I don't have a boyfriend or any real friends for that matter... So now my standards are high because I compare everyone to her which I know is bad but I cant help it , Because ive seen I could get a very hot girlfriend, so I dont want to lower my standard.Expecially good looking girls they have life so much easier. Not to mention even if I do find a nice girl keeping the relationship stable and trying to keep her happy and myself happy is difficult...... I am all alone, and I have pretty low standards of what I want in a guy: No drugs, alcohol, mental illness (you know, the serious ones), not brown eyes... true to an extent I am cursed because I am attractive but ... also the anxiety I get around a girl I like is unbearable I think it sucks that it seems girls outnumber guys. Its much easier for a girl to get a boyfriend then a guy to get a girlfriend , This sucks. I Guess that comes with a price of probarly being single all my life . I'm not really wanting to lower my standard why should I? If you are trying to meet girls in a similar way that an NT man would then you will be at a significant disadvantage.For all of these reasons and undoubtedly many more, single women in the city live in a perpetual grey space on the receiving end of cryptic messages from men, where everything is open-ended.


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