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Indian Act against post-dating and a promissory note which is post-dated is an effective negotiable instrument though post-dated cheques are often used in various transactions in daily life. were post-dated and bore the dates mentioned hereinbefore.

Did you know that post-dated cheques and stopped cheques can cause you considerable grief?

Conclusion: the date you write has no significance and is no protection.

Post-dated cheques are not a reliable or trustworthy hassle-free method of managing bank account cash inflows and outflows.

Dates are not always checked closely, so you run the risk that cheques will be cashed before you wish and you could end up in the red.

Occasionally, I like to skim through Reddit’s personal finance section for any interesting money topics.

interpretation, cheques post-dated or ante-dated beyond the period of six months from the date the cheques bear would conditional the date on which payment is made is the date of acceptance of the post-dated cheque provided ... The mere fact that post-dated cheques were issued reveal the intention that cheques post dated or ante dated beyond the period of six months from the date the cheque bears ...

post-dated, for it is clear that no payment of a post-dated chequeis possible before the date which demand accepted bill leads to a post dated cheque. cheque" till the date when it becomes "payable on demand".... When a post-dated cheque is written submit that a post-dated cheque is not "a cheque" since a cheque by definition ...

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When I called the customer service line expecting some sort of redress for what I perceived to be BMO's negligence, I was told that they would do nothing, that they had done nothing wrong or negligent in any way, since the bank is under no obligation to prevent funds from being withdrawn early.

Proviso (a) to Section 138 uses the words "the date made.

The dates written on those cheques, which were post-dated cheques, are not the dates when the cheques were ...

"The bank has now said it will refund the cheques as well as compensate me for the inconvenience and as a goodwill gesture," you told us. First I was told I would need to subscribe to paper billing, but that provided no information, and then I was repeatedly promised letters that never arrived. My utility company charges 5 per cent VAT, but it seems that I am being charged 20 per cent by Talk Talk. Telecoms, including broadband, are subject to the full VAT rate of 20 per cent. I own three other properties, which I financed with cash.

But Talk Talk apologises for not providing an adequate response when you requested VAT invoices. This latest property will cost me £51,000 and I have around £30,000 in cash.


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