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This is eventually used in the respective final construction contract proposals (i.e., the state's and the contractor's).

The required Contract Time Determination Summary is also included as a “supporting paper.” It consists of a brief summary of the projected production rates used for major work items, to arrive at the final estimate of construction time (measured in either work days or calendar days) It is required to be signed and dated by the responsible engineer.

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Insure that they have adequate training and experience in the use of the PCL-R.

We further recommend that, wherever possible, the PCL-R scores of two independent raters should be averaged so as to increase the reliability of the assessment.

For information on the potential misuse of the PCL-R see: Hare, R. The manual, published in 1991, stated that this meant only adult male forensic populations (e.g.,institutional or community correctional facilities, forensic psychiatric hospitals, and pre trial evaluation or detention facilities.) However, there now is enough empirical evidence to support its use with female and adolescent offenders, as well as with sex offenders.

The potential for harm is considerable if the PCL-R is used incorrectly, or if the user is not familiar with the clinical and empirical literature pertaining to psychopathy.


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