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A must for veteran parents or those new to the game. Sam Cooks Food Sam Richards, 28 Sam actually does cook food — and photographs his delicious-looking creations cooked up in his “small Stoke Newington kitchen”. Lex takes nail art to the next level — from intricate Halloween- themed fang nails to gradient colours. Curious London Emily Gibson, 24 Labelling herself a “London explorer and irate citizen”, Emily is juggling two blogs.The world’s leading pleasure brand, LELO, today released the results of a global survey into people’s orgasmic habits in anticipation of National Orgasm Day, on July 31st.There are many ways to impress on a date, but when you’ve already gone out for drinks a few times and maybe had a stroll in the park, what can you do to take it to the next level? This Valentine’s Day we are teaming up with Bar Soho to bring you the launch of lesbian speed dating London. Well if you are anything like me then you would know there is only one true way to the heart- food. If you’re single in London you’ve probably got a favourite pub or restaurant that you take your tinder dates to. This is the amount of time the average user spends on their tinder dating app every single day. If you’re over dating apps and sick of swiping, lesbian speed dating London is a great way to... Maybe you have a creative flair, love to play games or you’re just looking for an alternative way to meet London singles. After the sell-out success of our hands-on singles nights like ping pong dating, we decided to launch a BRAND... It’s a new year, you’re a new you and yet you don’t have a new beau. Whilst most singles dread the day and make plans to spend the evening with a takeaway and a Netflix binge, here at Speed Dater we are counting down. Here I am writing my first post on the Mazily blog which made me realize – I should probably start online dating again? Which usually might be a good thing, but two of the first people to interact with me were people from my near group of acquaintances. butterflies filled the air, roses lined our path and song birds sang to us.. In any case, I have opted to interpret this man’s username as an indication of a sense of humour and have accepted his invitation for coffee. This will mean I can only meet men in candle light after sundown… single, cynical, neurotic, savage …correction; juvenile, creative, adventurous in bed, loving life. Figure: someone recently told me I have a very delicate bone structure…

we thrifted furniture together, we hung out at weekends together, we did a lot of things , together. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to meet somebody, I’ve just not had the time lately to get to know somebody properly. He asked me to join him for a beer last Sunday afternoon. First rays on expectant faces tepidly turned to the sky bring back thoughts of new love and shared ice cream cones. Socks vanish and the desire for a hand to hold during those first spring walks intensifies. Once you’re out there, picture and vital data up for scrutiny, you are as naked as the day you were born. Hair: golden, the colour of cold beer on a late afternoon on Copacabana beach note to self – do not post- make hairdressers appointment for highlights… Dog owners, on the other hand, dog owners are social people, social people with boyfriends…First there was my best friend’s friend who started liking my pictures. My life, for some reason, refuses to be a romantic comedy. Largely, of course, because his photos make him out to be somewhat of a dapper looking fellow and because an invitation for coffee is a civilized gesture in my book, with or without and offensive signature. might work, it does get dark early this time of year… he made me laugh, and he cooked and cleaned and that's all great, right?the only problem there was i wasn't in love with him, and i'm sure he wasn't with me either.It’s an insightful read for anyone and has led to her writing a memoir about her struggles with bipolar disorder. Life as a Widower Benjamin Brooks-Dutton, 34 An incredibly moving blog from a father who lost his wife in tragic circumstances when his son was two years old. Steve Booker Steve Booker, 25 This menswear blog features photographs of Steve’s own well put-together outfits and new trends.


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